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General Questions

When talking about a building size, how do I know which is depth and width?

Width is always listed first and depth is second. This is also the side that the door is located. Example: 10’x8’ (10’ wide by 8’ deep.)

When should I expect to receive my shed kit after purchase?

Your shed kit will be delivered curbside within 3-6 weeks after purchase. Delivery time may vary during peak seasonal times.

What does your shed kit packaging look like?

Our shed kits are protected in shrink-wrap to prevent damage during shipping and are delivered curbside via a residential carrier. Shed kit is secured to a pallet and the dimensions are roughly 4ft. x 8ft. in size and weigh nearly 2,000 lbs.

How long does assembly usually take?

Assembly usually takes 2-3 days depending on experience. It’s a great weekend project.

Are shingles included with purchase?

Shingles and roofing nails are not included with purchase. We prefer to give customers the option to choose their own color to match their home, personal preference and coordinate with their shed color scheme.

Is a wood floor included with my purchase?

Unless specified in marketing materials, a complete wood floor is included. Our standard floor consists of 2”x4” framing with 16” joist spacing and 5/8” sheets to cover the floor frame.

What tools do I need to build the shed?

Our sheds can be built with the common tools found in your garage.

Required tools:

  • Drill
  • Level
  • Square
  • Safety glasses
  • Caulk gun
  • Utility knife

Site Preparation

What are your build site recommendations to complete before assembly begins?

We suggest a minimum of 3’ clearance around your shed in order for you to construct the building properly. A minimum of 4’ is recommended if your shed is 12’ wide or more.

Can I build my shed on a concrete slab?

Yes, there are specific dimensions that the slab will need to be to fit the shed. Contact us for specific dimensions. Please allow seven days for curing before building the shed on the slab.

Do I need leveling blocks?

Leveling blocks are not required in all states/counties and are only needed if the build site is out of level.


Do I need to obtain a building permit?

Permitting is usually determined by your township based on the size structure you choose. You should check with your local Building Authority and Homeowners Association prior to assembly to make sure your shed is compliant with all codes, easements and setbacks. If engineered drawings are required, please contact us to receive signed and stamped drawings.

Paint / Caulking

Is painting included with my purchase?

No. Painting is the homeowner’s responsibility. Our sheds are built using pre-primed wood siding and is light beige in color. 100% acrylic latex paint is required. Paint all exterior horizontal and vertical joints. Doors should be painted on all six sides including front, back and all four edges. Painting your shed to match your home often meets HOA requirements.

How soon do I need to caulk and paint my shed?

Your shed should be caulked and painted within 30 days after assembly.

What components on my shed should be caulked?

Your shed should be viewed like a home and all critical joints should be caulked with paintable caulk. Caulking prevents water from entering your shed. You should caulk any seams, gaps, horizontal and vertical joints prior to painting.

Load Capacity / Materials / Misc

What are the floor load capacities?

Our sheds meet or exceed 40 pounds per square foot.

What is the wind and/or snow load capacity of my shed?

Our sheds are designed and engineered to meet approximately 90 M.P.H. wind speeds and between 20 and 30 pounds of snow load depending on the shed model.

What if I need to cancel or modify my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please check out the section on this site labeled “Cancellation/ Returns”.

What do I do if I receive damaged or missing parts?

Fill out the form on this site within the replacement parts or warranty/repair section.


Like your home, your new shed will require occasional maintenance to ensure many years of use. In addition to re-painting, you should perform other maintenance.

  • Keep all grass and other vegetation trimmed around the entire perimeter of your shed.
  • Sheds which are built on a wood floor should be constructed on 4x4 treated runners to resist damage from ground moisture and insects (treated wood 4x4 runners are not included in kit). These runners also elevate your floor, allowing for important air circulation under the foundation. This circulation must be maintained to ensure long life of your wood foundation.
  • Do not stack anything against the exterior of your building, such as mulch, soil and firewood for any period of time.
  • Locking door handles or levers should be sprayed with silicone or other lubricant to maintain locking mechanism and prevent freezing in cold climates.
  • We do not recommend insulating or heating your building.
  • Do not let sprinklers spray your building.

How-to Videos

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