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I am interested in professional installation. What is included with my purchase?

A complete wood floor and shingles are included.

Do I need to call to schedule my shed install?

No, a Backyard Products representative will contact you within 3-5 business days after purchase to review your order and schedule installation. The representative will also confirm your shingle color and accessories at this time.

What is the standard lead time for installation?

Typical installation lead time is 6 to 8 weeks, but may vary during peak and promotional times.

Do I need to be home for my shed installation?

A person at least 18 years of age will need to be present at the time of installation. You do not need to be home once the installation process has started, but you should be home at completion for a walk through and to sign the certificate of completion.

How long will installation take?

Installation time will range from 6-10 hours. Time varies based upon weather, location, leveling and carry time at the build site.

Are your shed installers insured?

We require all of our installers to maintain appropriate liability, vehicle and workman's compensation insurance. In addition, all installers must pass a rigorous background check and complete our training program before becoming certified as a Backyard Products installer.

Is there extra cost for installing accessories?


You've already built my shed; but I want more options now.

We offer a wide array of options and accessories and we can customize each shed to meet your needs. If for some reason you feel that an additional accessory or option is needed at a later date, please give us a call and we'll be glad to quote you an installed price. Please remember, it's always more cost effective to order all of your options during the initial purchase.

What is your labor warranty?

1-year warranty on labor.


Can our shed be installed on piers, etc?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. We suggest that all sheds are built on concrete slabs or using solid cement blocks.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my yard prior to installation?

  • The build site should be level within 6 inches
  • We will not excavate the ground, but will level up from the highest point
  • The area will need to have 3 feet of unobstructed space on all 4 sides and above; free of branches, bushes, power lines, etc.
  • Electricity will need to be available within 150 feet of the build site
  • If you’re having your shed built on a concrete slab, please contact us for the exact dimensions and allow 7 days for curing

I have an existing concrete slab. Can you build on it?

Although most of our wood floor systems are sufficient for any application, we do have the ability to construct your shed on an existing slab provided the slab is level within 1/2" and appropriately sized. Because of the individual nature of each slab, please contact us to determine if your slab meets our specifications. Due to the additional installation labor and extra materials needed to properly secure the shed to your slab, there is no reduction in overall price.

Do I need leveling blocks?

Leveling blocks are not required in all states/counties, but the member should check his/her local requirements. Your building will be built on 4x4 pressure treated runners. We will use treated leveling materials and shingle shims to level up the floor prior to installing the shed. If your ground is out of level greater than 6 inches, leveling blocks will be needed (additional fees will be incurred).


Do I need to obtain a building permit?

You should check with your local Building Authority and Homeowners Association prior to installation to make sure your shed is compliant with all codes, easements and setbacks.

Who is responsible for obtaining a permit?

You are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits. Signed and stamped drawings can be obtained from our customer service department for a small fee.

Paint / Caulking

Is painting included with my purchase?

Painting may be purchased separately as an accessory upgrade in most of our programs. Otherwise, painting is not included with purchase and is the homeowner’s responsibility. Our sheds are built using pre-primed siding. Manufacturer requires the use of 100% acrylic latex paint.

General guidelines:

  • All exterior horizontal and vertical joints must be painted
  • Doors should be painted on all 6 sides including front, back, and all four edges.
  • Painting your shed to match your home often meets HOA

Is caulking included with my purchase?

Your installer will caulk all critical joints (addressed during assembly). All additional caulking is the homeowner’s responsibility. Your shed is built like your home and should be caulked with paintable caulk. You should caulk any seams, gaps, horizontal and vertical joints prior to painting.

How soon do I need to caulk and paint my shed?

Your shed should be caulked and painted within 30 days after assembly. Check with your Homeowners Association to ensure compliance with architectural codes.

Is the shed sealed to prevent water from entering?

Our sheds are manufactured with the upmost precision to ensure every building meets our engineering standards. Once your shed is installed, be sure to caulk all remaining joints besides those critical joints already caulked. Following these simple steps will prevent water from entering your shed.

What kind of paint should I use for my floor?

We do not suggest customers to paint the floor, but you can use exterior porch and floor paint. If you plan on storing powered equipment inside your shed, use garage floor paint.

Load Capacity / Materials / Misc

What are the floor load capacities?

Our sheds meet or exceed 40 pounds per square foot.

What is the wind and/or snow load capacity of my shed?

Our sheds are designed and engineered to meet approximately 90 M.P.H. wind speeds and between 20 and 30 pounds of snow load depending on the shed model.

What if I need to cancel or add/delete an option from my order?

If you wish to cancel your order prior to installation, please fill out our returns/cancellations tab on the top of this site to begin the process.

What do I do with defective parts?

Fill out our form on this website and we can send out any replacement parts that you need or reimburse for parts purchased locally with a copy of the sales receipt that can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to our corporate office.

Can I receive a refund once installation is completed?

Purchase is non-refundable once installation has been completed. But, if you have an issue, we will make it right.

Can you tear down and haul away my old shed?

Customers are responsible for shed removal prior to the scheduled installation date. This is only required if the new shed is to be built in the same location.

Do our sheds accommodate lawn tractors?

Yes, most of our sheds can accommodate lawn tractors. We recommend buying a ramp to aid getting your lawnmower or tractor in and out.

Should your installers receive a tip?

It is not a common practice to tip installers. Installers are already compensated to install your shed.

Do your sheds accommodate lawn tractors?

Yes, most of our sheds can accommodate lawn tractors. We recommend buying a ramp to aid getting your lawnmower or tractor in and out.

When talking about a shed size, how do I know what is depth and width?

Width is always listed first; this is also the side that the door is located. Depth is always listed second. Example: 10’x8’ (10 feet wide by 8 feet deep.)

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