Site Preparation Guidelines

Site Preparation Tips

Note: Prior to installation day, we always suggest contacting your local HOA to ensure your shed is compliant with all codes, easements and setbacks.

Properly preparing your build site helps ensure your shed stands the test of time. Here are our guidelines to follow to ensure a smooth experience from the moment you place an order to project completion.

  • If placed directly on the ground, place four stakes in the ground where you want the four corners of your building and a fifth stake where you would like the center of the door opening. Add a string and using a line level, determine how much excavation is needed
  • The build site should be level within 6 inches. If your ground is out of level greater than 6 inches, leveling blocks will be needed (additional fees will be incurred). We will use treated leveling materials and shingle shims to level up the floor prior to installing the shed
  • We not excavate the ground, but will level up from the highest point
  • Our sheds can be installed on piers, but we do not suggest it. Sheds should be built on concrete slabs or solid cement blocks
  • If you’re having your shed built on a concrete slab, please contact us for the exact dimensions and allow 7 days for curing. Slab needs to be within 1/2 level and appropriately sized
  • The area will need to have 3 feet of unobstructed space on all 4 sides and above (4 feet if your building is larger than 160 sq. ft.); free of branches, bushes, power lines, etc.
  • Electricity will need to be available within 150 feet of the build site

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